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You decide! Which 5 new schools would you pick to allow access to Bandeka?

Hey!  We are thinking of adding new schools and we need your help!

Right now we have awesome members from: Brown, Cambridge, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, LSE, MIT, NYU, UPenn, Princeton, Oxford, Stanford and Yale

Which schools should we add to our platform?

Fill out this 30 second poll and let us know.  Your vote counts!

Thanks a lot!

Tunde, Yaw and the Bandeka Team!

A Woman Willing to Fight for Her Man – a sign of True Love?

Wendy Deng jumped up to literally fight for her man, Rupert Murdoch in court today – this must be a sign of true love..right?

Wife Staying Thin Key to a Happy Marriage?

Study says Marriages More Satisfying When Wives are Thinner Than Husbands…what do you think?  Click here to read more!


Brought to you by Bandeka Management: aka Tunde and Yaw!

Can You Stop Your Husband from Cheating?

How to stop your husband from cheating – is it possible?  Here is some interesting research from our friends from eHarmony on just that topic…hmm!

Is it ok to text on a date?

Would you end your date early if your date was texting during the date?  Here is a fun video from our friends at zoosk on just that topic!

A “dating” website for aspiring adulterers – good business idea or morally wrong?

Interesting article from Businessweek.  Ashley Madison is a website dedicated to aspiring cheaters and adulters.  The site has 8.5 million members, 1.3 million of whom have actually paid something.

Are they corrupting America or merely facilitating actions that would happen with or without them?  Read more here

Should Men Play Hard to Get?

The Allure of a Man’s Uncertainty.  Interesting article from the New York Times

Some Quick Stats from Our First Couple of Days!

Click below to see how our members so far are split and what countries they are from!

Bandeka Stats, Day 2!


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