Early week fun: Things I love, Things I hate.



We start with the hate first:

Ain’t this the truth? This past weekend, I hosted a birthday party for one of my best friends, and during the course of the evening I showed her the above picture on facebook. She immediately started screaming, “Do you know how true this is?” She then physically showed me recent birthday text messages from her suitors far and wide, and you could tell right away which ones fell into the two categories above. The worst of it all was that the guy she really cares for forgot about her birthday.

Ok, love next:

FLOWCHARTS! And isn’t this one just great? I hope it helps you make the RIGHT decision the next time you pick up your phone 🙂 (If you can’t see the chart clear enough, just click on it and it will expand). FYI, this applies to both sexes.

source: http://visual.ly/should-i-text-him-flowchart



  1. LOL! Oke so all my situations are leading to “dont’ do it” lol. But why all these rules? It is what it is! he’s either into you or not.

  2. @Omotola, isn’t it though? A friend of mine just reminded me of a time when we debated whether I should text a guy or not, and she was saying ‘where was this flowchart then?’

    @Linda, it really is what it is. Guys don’t like to be smothered. Let us know what you end up doing! I definitely know that ‘knowing what to do’ is sometimes different than what we end up doing…

  3. For the record, I don’t agree with the “no texting after a date thing.” Maybe you shouldn’t text him immediately you enter the house (like Becca said, you don’t want to be too available), but I think it’s permissible to text the very next day to say you had a good time if you actually did enjoy the time you spent together. Though, I wouldn’t necessarily go as far as to start calling until at least three days after the date because that forces you to actually have a conversation and most people won’t be able to process a conversation the very next day after a date. That’s because both you and your date are likely still assessing whether the date went well or not and both of you should probably let that run its course.

    Saying “I had a good time,” if that does happen to be the case, is merely a formality. A lot of people lie through their teeth when they say it. It’s like the last time you had those relatives you hate over for dinner, you say “This was fun,” just to be nice, not because you actually mean it. Chances are, if you text first he’ll be nice and text reply “me too” even if he has no intention of ever seeing you again. The only reason this counts as a benefit is because it actually helps both of you accurately assess the situation. If he really did enjoy the time you spent together, he’ll ask you out on another date possibly in the next few days or even immediately. Otherwise, don’t read too much into the “Me too.”

  4. My guy friends tell me though; if a guy LOVES u, yo cant text him {too much}, oke, there’s crazy texting and CRRRAAAZZZZYYY texting! I think it all depends, we all have lives, we work and are busy with other things, some of these rules apply; if a guy is not your boyfriend…whether u guys had a thing or not; don’t go texting him! truth is, if a man is into you, you won’t get rid of him! And always remember; until you find the “one” the ones you don’t like will text, call, text, email (urgghh!) and the ones u like- let’s just say “opposites attracts” lol. It’s a tough world for good girls out there! Good luck everyone!

  5. @linda, your frustration is not uncommon. Note, guys have their own set of frustrations to deal with. Check out this post: https://loveafrican.wordpress.com/2011/11/09/why-women-should-listen-to-the-advice-of-men/ . In particular, the article I reference may be a good read for you. Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder, so it’s good not to smother (or act like you give a sh*t)- give him something to miss. It let’s you know whether he’s interested or not, and if he’s not… honestly, it’ll suck for a little bit, but keep it moving- what sucks more is being with someone who doesn’t want to be with you.

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