Poll [Results] Wednesday – 7/18/2012

Could You Be Celibate For Your Partner?

Let’s be clear before you read the results: I. don’t. believe. them.

I’m thinking it could have been the wording of the options (a friend noted that of course no one wants to be the douche that says, ‘hell no’). My other thought is that maybe people actually believe they could wait (…though they’ve never done so before), or maybe they believe they wouldn’t have to wait long – however, what are you doing a year out from now without sex?? Honestly how long could you ‘sex isn’t life or death’ers’ wait? OR, perhaps single people who aren’t having sex right now believe that they could keep up the same song and dance for someone they really like.

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*The original poll was posted on July 3rd, 2012, https://loveafrican.wordpress.com/2012/07/03/is-abstinence-celibacy-making-a-come-back 


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