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Recent Nivea Ad Flips the Script on Black Hair Conversation

This offensive ad recently launched (and then removed) by Nivea has been the hot topic of discussion in the last few days (eg. here and here). The ad definitely flips the script on the conversation of what society deems as more attractive and civilized for black people (in this case, black men). This conversation definitely spills over into our relationship culture. I think for a while now we’ve been discussing the effects of a black woman’s hair on her dating life, but what about men? Are black men misjudged by women because of their hairstyle choices? Or, does a man’s personal style (including how he wears his hair) give an accurate portrayal of his personality?

A recent conversation with my close guy friend on this subject confirmed that for some guys, their clothing and style IS an expression of their personality. I can’t speak for all women, but I think we do form certain judgments on personal appearance based on our own upbringing and preferences. What do you think?